Elena Dunder is a winner and the holder of Miss Ukraine International 2021 title, she will represent Ukraine at the international beauty contest Miss International 2021 this summer in the USA.

Elena is also the winner of such famous contests as Miss Europe International 2019, Miss Ukraine World International 2020, and Miss Ukraine in Miss Europe Continental (Italy), the European beauty contest.

Elena is OTV Music TV presenter and a famous model.

As well as a founder of «The Souls Beauty» charitable foundation.

A laureate of the national award “100 Successful Ukrainians”.

Regular participant in UN conferences.

Formerly a delegate to the European Youth Parliament. An active social activist.

A bachelor of International Law (both: Ukrainian, English). Has a musical education and degree as well.

Preparation is performed at all cost to adequately represent Ukraine and win in the world beauty contest «Miss International 2021» in the USA..

Elena, you are such a delicate and beautiful girl, how do you manage so much and what is the secret of your success?

Еlena:  The secret is simple. It consists in daily self-improvement. «If you don’t try, then who will?»  — that’s my motto.

Participation in such a grand contest requires a lot of effort and great dedication.  You must have a worthy goal to participate in?

Еlena : Yes, this is not just a beauty contest, it is an opportunity to adequately represent Ukraine at the international level. To show not only external beauty, but also a deep inner peace, wisdom, a sharp mind and an active life position. This is the main goal.

Tell us about your education, hobbies and dreams so that our readers can recognize you not only by your appearance, but also by your inner qualities.

At the moment I am engaged in self-realization and career. I work as a TV presenter on the OTV Channel. I am the face of famous Ukrainian designers (Yudaeva, Maricheva, Barmina), as well as several European ones. Therefore, I regularly appear for magazines and magazine covers, and I am invited to fashion shows (Milan and Paris), also I am working hard to improve myself.

I am a Bachelor of International Law for the moment, I have two diplomas (Ukrainian and English).  I also have a musical education and a diploma and performed on stage playing the piano multiple times. Music is my inspiration. I can’t imagine life without it. I am also proficient in English language!

I am fond of golf, I successfully graduated from the golf academy. I enjoy the atmosphere of being close to nature, as well as enjoy the views of golf fields. It is very beautiful and allows you to travel for playing golf with pleasure.

I love sports. The gym is an integral part of my everyday life and self-improvement, as well as healthy food and personal care. I am inspired by travel and cannot live without adrenaline in my blood and adventure. Skydiving, skyscraper jumps, yachts, races, motorcycles and other things. I am a photo model, sometimes I go on invitations to photo shoots abroad.

I am also the founder of the «The Souls Beauty» charitable foundation to help children. I want to involve as many people as possible to be not indifferent to children, because they are our future.

So many things … I can’t even believe that it’s all about one person. I think everyone is convinced that Ukraine is going to the contest with a great representative!

Thank you, Elena, for the interview, good luck and victory be yours!